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All We Are

The Brief

Commissioned by All We Are to create a film campaign, along with a strategy timeline, that celebrates jewellery as a hero. 


As a group we took inspiration from Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining for our film, drawing on the 70’s aesthetic and the feelings of being in a grand hotel. Our film '237' depicts a girl laying bored and solemn in her hotel room, who decided to play around with make-up and jewellery which leads to her attitude and identity coming to life allowing her to dance the night away joyfully.

The Concept 

Our concept depicts high-end glamour, with key features of gold and red. The idea is to show a dull and mundane life that slowly gets brighter and more glamorous as the girl puts on her jewellery and can play around with her identity.  

My Roles


Video Editor  


Artistic Director

Sound Engineer

Concept Creator

The Photoshoot


237 poster (1).jpg
poster  (1).jpg
Bus stop mock up copy.jpg
instagram mock up .jpg
Poster_Wall_Mockup copy.jpg

Check us out on All We Are's website

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